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Why Contact Lenses?

Flexibility and freedom to live your life to the fullest.

Seeing Clearly

Contact Lenses move with your eye to give you a natural field of view with focused vision

Feeling Free

Contact lenses gives the freedom to lead an active lifestyle without holding you back.

Natural Look

Contact Lenses brings out your natural look with no compromise with your style.


Happy customer


Wearing Contact Lens!

as simple as it gets.

Happy Customers

“Super Soft Comfortable Lens”

I am first time user but I did not have any discomfort as they are super soft. These lenses are most affordable and durable ones. N moat natural looking as well.

by Sarah

“Best Quality”

Very much comfortable even after 10hrs, best quality lenses, earlier when I was using other lenses I use to feel irritation after few hours but with these I don't feel anything I even forget that I am wearing lenses

by Ryan

“Good colour”

The colour is really nice and blends in with your eye colour and looks natural

by Nicole

“New pack New day”

The quality and comfort is amazing. I just fall in love with the idea of not having to think about care after wearing the lenses. Just use a new pack new day😀

by Damien

“So comfortable so affordable”

Best lenses till first ever experience of wearing lenses & the results are wow!

by Valerie


OutstandingJust awesome with less price, packaging was also good. Fast delivery.

by Nicholas

“Too Good”

Lenses are too good and comfortable even suggested to my friends and family. I'd love to order again.💯👌

by Chloe

“This is Awesome”

It is something extraordinary.. using this from last one year & I swear the quality is seriously optimum & awesome. Thanku so much!

by Roy

“The dailies are a revolution.”

My first time using contact lens & I chose aqualens. The dailies have spoiled me for any other contacts! Love them!❤️ Thank you aqualens team!

by Joyce

“I suggest aqualens!”

I'm using only spects for about 8 yrs. The trial experience was awesome. It's very comfortable and made me look better than in glasses. For every person who would like to wear contacts, I suggest aqualens!

by Baina F S

“Freedom from Fuzzy Vision”

Always wore glasses because of the fear of lenses but they were so comfortable that now I bought the monthly packs..freedom from fuzzy vision 5 smudges of sweat & dust while playing.

by Jason

“Best and Affordable too”

I never feel like m wearing something. They are much comfortable compared to my previous lenses. I have used so many company lenses but Aqualens is best and affordable too.

by Elroy

“Love it”

As a first time Contact lens user , I had a bit difficulty placing the lens. The lens was very comfortable and I love it. It surely seems best quality.

by Joshua

“Most Comfortable”

Tried many different brands, like bausch and lomb, local ones and others, yet this one is the most comfortable of them all, even thinner than the others! Very comfy.

by Lyana

“A happy customer :)”

This was my first time trying a contact lens and to be honest I was a little skeptical about it. But to my surprise the quality was real good and the idea of daily disposals was well thought and limited the scope of any infection. A happy customer :)

by Darren

“Comfortable and Easy to wear”

The new Aqualenses quality has been class apart . Have been wearing lenses from past 7 years and honestly these lenses have been really comfortable and easy to wear.

by Ashley

Common Queries

How can I get a trial pair of contacts?

Start your trial pack in 3 easy steps.

1. Start your trial and choose the lenses you want to try.

2. After choosing the trial lenses, tell the eye power or color (as per the chosen trial). Don't remember your eye power? you can place the order without and we will call you back later to take your power

3. Finally, login and fill out your address to proceed to get the trial pack at $3(Daily Disposable Color Lenses) or $10(Daily Disposable Clear lenses) with No Shipping Charges!

Can I get power contact lens trial?

Hell yeah! We have two options in power contact lenses- Daily Disposable( 10 pair of lenses for 10 days).

How many power lenses I will get in Aqualens contact lens trial pack?

The daily disposable trial pack in power lenses contain 10 pair of lenses which are one time use lenses for 10 day use.

Can I buy multiple trial pack of contact lenses ?

No, you can only get one trial lenses and it is only for our first time users of Aqualens. If you have power, you can get clear trial and if you don't have power, you can get color trial lenses.

What is the cost of color contact lens trial?

Color contact lens trials are available in:

1. Daily lenses: 1 pair at $3 for one-time use

What is the cost of power lenses trial?

Power contact lens trials are available in:

1. Daily lenses: 10 pairs at $10 for one-time use

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