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Life with Clear Lenses

Professional & On The Go
Boost your efficiency & minimise your eye tiredness with exceptional comfort.

Enhance Your Looks
Enhance your beauty by being natural. To transform the eye radiance try Aquacolor Contact Lenses

Be the Sporty All Rounder

If you're a sports enthusiast & love staying active all day long. Aqualens contacts are the mandatory companion for the clear & sharp vision.

Hassle Free Travels

Enjoy travelling & fear of losing your spectacles all along your journey. Now say goodbye to foggy & rainy weather if it challenges your vision.

How To Wear Contact Lenses

as simple as it gets.

Why Aqualens?

Upto 58% Water Content
UVA & UVB Blocking
4X more Oxygen
Clear Vision Every Nook & Corner

Slip-On with Aqualens

We believe game-changing innovation should not be a luxury limited to a few. So we bring to you the best-in-class contact lens technology in the market, at a revolutionary price.
Switching to Aqualens contacts isn’t just good for your eye health, it’s also kinder for your budget. We are giving you an opportunity to get you the best hassle-free eye care you can get.

Fair Pricing

Unlike Major brands in the industry we directly procure US-FDA approved contact lenses from World Class Manufacturers and deliver personally to your doorstep.