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What if I’ve never worn contact lenses before?

If you are a contact lens newbie, here’s how you can get started.
Visit your eye doctor for a complete eye checkup & know your eye power
Create an account on and choose the contact lenses you want as per your eye power
Order your preferred contact lenses and put them on
Wondering how to wear contact lenses, watch this video here.

Is it safe to sleep with contact lenses?

No. It is strongly recommended that you remove your contact lenses before going to sleep. Sleeping in your contact lenses can cause various eye health problems like dryness, irritation and infection.

Can I wear contact lenses if I have dry eyes?

Yes. Users who have dry eyes can comfortably wear contact lenses. We suggest that you visit your eye doctor to understand the cause of dry eye.

How do allergies affect contact lens usage?

Eye allergies can sometimes make it difficult to wear contact lenses comfortably. Airborne allergens can build up on contact lenses and cause discomfort. If you have eye allergies, we recommend you to use one-time use contact lenses, that is, daily disposable contact lenses. You can find them here.

Can I reuse daily contact lenses?

Uh uh! Not a good idea. Daily contact lenses are one-time use lenses only. That means, these lenses are to be discarded after a single day’s use. Reusing daily lenses beyond their recommended time can cause discomfort to your eyes and lead to infections.

Can a contact lens slip behind the eyeball?

Not likely! Contact lenses are specially designed to stick to the cornea of your eyeball. It is not practically possible for right fitting contact lenses to slip behind the eyeball. It is because your inner eyelids connect with the eyes and prevents any object to go behind your eyes.

Can I play sports with contact lenses?

Absolutely! Contact lenses provide unmatched comfort and allow you to play sports without any worries. Unlike spectacles, contact lenses do not fall from your face or come in between your field of vision. Instead, these lenses provide you a wider, clearer and sharper vision as they move along your eyeballs. Additionally, contact lenses remain unaffected by humid, hard or moist weather conditions.

Can I use water to clean or store my Aqualens contact lenses?

No! Contact lenses should only be cleaned with Lens solution and not with water. It is necessary to use lens solution to clean, rinse, and store contact lenses to keep them in their best state.

Where can I buy Aqualens products ?

You don't have to go anywhere to buy Aqualens products, you can directly buy them all from .

What are the different types of lenses based on disposability?

Disposability refers to the perios after which a contact lens is to be discarded or disposed. There are mainly two types of disposable lenses at - Daily and Monthly.

Daily disposable lenses are the ones that are to be used after 1 day, that is, after single time use. Monthly disposable lenses are the ones that can be reused and are to be disposed after 30 days.

What are the different types of lenses based on the wearing time at

There are two types of contact lenses basis their wearing time - 10H and 24H.

10H (10 Hours) are the lenses that can be worn upto 10 hours of the day while 24H refers to the lenses that can be worn upto 24 hours of the day or during all waking hours.

Is Aqualens a safe brand to use for Contact Lenses?

Yes. 100%. Aqualens is a safe contact lens brand. All our contact lenses are US FDA/CE approved

What does 1 lens per box means?

1 Lens Box means it consists of 1 single lens, that is 1 box for each of your eyes. You need to get two of these contact lens boxes in order to make it a pair.

For how long can we use a pair of contact lenses ?

The wearing time of contact lenses varies from lens to lens. A 10H daily contact lens can be worn for upto 10 hours of the day. While 24H monthly contact lenses can be worn upto 24 hours for upto 30 days of the month.

What is a power contact lens?

A power contact lens is the one that is worn by the user for vision correction. You can find what power lenses your eyes require after an eye test. You can also convert your eyeglasses power to contact lenses power via using our Contact Lens Power Calculator, if you already have a power prescription.

What are colored contact lenses ?

Colored contact lenses are pigmented lenses used to change the color of the eye and hence your overall appearance.

We have a wide range of color contact lenses for all your looks, not only in Zero Power but we have Powered Color Contact Lenses too. Yes, you heard us right even if you have power, you can wear Color Conatct Lenses. You can Choose lighter tints for a subtle look while dark color lenses can be used for a glam look like Blue, Brown, Green etc.

What is Daily Disposable Contact Lens?

Say adios to hassle of cleaning and storing of Contact Lenses & hola to hassle-free clear vision with Daily Disposable Contact Lenses.

With these Contact Lenses, you get to wear a fresh pair everyday without going through the process of cleaning and storing. Before getting the entire pack, you can also go for Free pack of Daily Disposable Lenses.

All you need to do is - Slip on. Slip off. Repeat!

What is the maximum power in Contact Lenses?

The maximum power for spherical Monthly Contact Lenses is about -12D and for Toric Lenses, it's about 9D of sphere. Here D represent diopter value, a unit of measurement of the optical power of a lens.

Aqualens Power Contact Lens ranges from (-)1 to (-)9.

Is Contact Lens power same as glasses?

The answer is No. Prescription Contact Lens and Eye Glasses Power are not poles apart, but they are different, While they both have the same objective.

Want to know what power of contact lenses you require for your eyes, You can now easily Convert your Eye Glasses Power to Contact Lenses Power via using our Lens Power Converter.

Will wearing Contact Lenses reduce eye power?

Contact Lenses are designed in such a way that we have to directly put it on the eyes and it covers the entire cornea. Due to which the amount of oxygen reaching your eyes decrease, which may affect your eye power.

Choosing Soft or Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses are good for your eye health, as they transmit more oxygen than the conventional soft contact lens.

What does water content in contact lenses mean?

The water content of a contact lens means how much of the contact lens is made up of water. The more, the better! Our Contact Lenses are made of minimum 55% water content which keeps the lens moist & results in long hours of comfortable wearability.

What material does Aqualens use to make their Contact Lenses?

Aqualens use different material (like Silicone hydrogel etc) to make Contact Lenses as per disposability and usability hours.

Does Aqualens contact lenses block UV Rays ?

Aqualens built a Class II UV blocker contact lenses which on an average protects your eyes from 87% of UVA and 97% of UVB radiation from the sun & prolonged digital device usage.

Now, you work at your Laptop/Mobile or any other digital device wearing your favorite Contact Lenses

How can I convert glasses power to Contact Lens power?

You can easily convert eye glasses ower to contact lens power using a power converter. Click on this link to use Aqualens Power Converter.

How can I check expiry date of contact lens at aqualens pack ?

You can find the expiry date of Aqualens Contact Lenses written on the back of the pack.

Is it safe to wear Contact Lenses at any age?

It is a common myth that children or teenagers cannot wear Contact Lenses which is just not the case! Not only adults, but senior citizens can also wear contact lenses. You just need to know the proper way to wear and take care of their contact lenses.

Disclaimer- We always recommend you to consult your eye care professional before wearing any Contact Lenses.

Are Contact Lenses uncomfortable for first time users?

When you wear Contact Lenses for the first few times, you might be able to feel the edges for the first few times that you put them in. Contact Lens should only be inserted if it has a cup-shape. Once you learn it, your eyes will soon become accustomed to the feeling of the contacts.

Are Colored Contact Lenses safe for daily wear?

Colored Contact Lenses are just like Clear Contact Lenses, but with a hint of colors. Yes, You can wear them daily without any doubt. You can check out our Daily Color Contact Lenses range if you like to wear it daily.

Can Contact Lenses cause damage to my eyes?

If you are taking care of your Contacts, neither will it damage your eyes nor will it cause any eye issues. Contact Lenses are specially designed for vision correction with an eye-friendly material.

Remember to always clean your contacts via using Contacts Lens Solution before storing them into contacts lens case. We would highly recommend you to clean your contact lenses before every use.

If you're still facing any eye irritation, We would advise you to visit your Optometrist.

Can Contact Lenses be worn everyday?

Yes, Contacts Lenses are absolutely safe to wear every day unless you have an eye problem that prevents you from comfortably or safely wearing it. You just need to clean and store your contact lenses regularly or you can use daily disposable contact lenses too.

For everyday wearability purpose, we would like to recommend you Aqualens 24H Clear Contact Lenses which are available in both monthly and daily usage. These contacts are designed with a unique technology that allows comfortable wearability for 24 hours every day.

If wearing them everyday causes any trouble to your eyes, please do visit an optometrist, you might need a change of contact lens or simply a break.

Which is more safe to wear - Contact Lenses or Eye Glasses?

It is all about which one feels safer to you. Both glasses and Contact Lenses have their pros and cons. A lot of people with an active lifestyle prefer wearing Contact Lenses as they stay intact, do not get smudged or blurry while playing or working out.

People who are involved in more out-going jobs also prefer wearing Contact Lenses as they feel more confident in them.

How to safely store Contact Lenses?

We would recommend you to store your Contact Lenses in a clean contacts lenses box. Make sure you first clean your Contact Lenses with Lens Solution, throw away the old solution in case and fill it with a new one before you place your contacts inside the case.

Can I wear Colored Contact Lenses if my eyes get watery?

Firstly, it depends if your eyes are getting watery due to wearing contact lenses or are they watery in nature. There could be a lot of reasons for watery eyes.

* If your eyes are naturally watery, We would recommend you to take the advice of your Optometrist before getting yourself a pair of Contact Lenses.
* If your eyes feeling watery after the first use of Contact Lenses, in this condition also you need to Contact your Eye doctor.
* If you are a regular Contacts Lens user and suddenly start getting water in your eyes, we would recommend you to clean your lenses thoroughly before wearing them again.

Still, getting water in your eyes? We would suggest you to remove your Contacts first wash your eyes thoroughly with running water and have a visit to your nearest eye clinic first

Can I wear eye-makeup with Contact Lenses?

We all know that makeup looks good with Contact Lenses and even better with Colored Contact Lenses.

We would highly recommend you to insert your Contact Lenses first and then apply makeup so it does not get in your eyes.

Can I bath with Contact Lenses in?

Never bath while wearing contact lenses. Soft contacts can change shape when wet, which can sometimes cause damage to the cornea. Simply, remove and store your contact lenses and then take a bath.

Can I wash my eyes while wearing contacts?

Never wash your eyes while wearing Contact Lenses as they can change shape when wet, which can sometimes cause damage on the cornea. Simply, remove and store your contact lenses and then wash your eyes.

Can I wear contact lenses while working on computer or laptop?

Contact Lenses are your go-to eyewear for long hours of comfortable wearability. Aqualens Contact Lenses have high water content that does not let contacts dry-out easily even after working at computer/laptop at a stretch.

Can both men and women both wear Contact Lenses?

To feel beautiful and boost confidence we suggest all genders go for Contact Lenses. Our Contact Lenses are safe for adults as well as children. You can choose your favorite contact lens as per your requirement

How to wear Contact Lenses?

It might seem like a task to wear contact lenses but it is quite easy once you get the hang of it. Follow these steps for an easy wearability of Contact Lenses:

* Firstly, always remember to wash your hands before touching the Contact Lens.

* Open the Contact Lens case and put the contact lens in your fingertip of your non-dominant hand.

* Use Contact Lens Solution and not regular water to rinse Contact Lens.

* Put the lens on the top of the index or middle finger of your dominant hand.

* Make sure the lens isn’t damaged and the lens is cup-shaped. If it’s inside out, gently flip it.

* Hold your upper and lower eyelids open with the hand not holding the lens. Look in front of you or up toward the ceiling and place the lens in your eye.

* Close your eye slowly and either roll your eye around. The lens should feel comfortable, and you should be able to see clearly after blinking a few times. If it’s not comfortable, gently take out the lens, rinse it, and try again.

Repeat with the second lens.

How to remove contact lenses?

It might seem like a task to remove contact lenses but it is quite easy once you get the hang of it. Please refer our Slip On, Slip Off Video to learn insertion and removal of contact lenses.

How to order Contact Lenses at Aqualens?

To order Contact Lenses at Aqualens, all you need to do is visit
Choose your desired category between Color Lens & Clear Lens from top menu
You will land over the type of Contact Lens you like to purchase
Select the type of lens disposability (daily or monthly)
Select your eye power from the drop down menu
In case of color lens, select the desired color and select your eye power (if you do not have an eye power, choose zero power lens)
Submit your Mobile number and enter OTP received at same, you are good to purchase your contact lenses pack

Happy Shopping!

How do I check the status of my order?

You can check the status of your order by checking the ‘Track Order’ section in ‘My Orders’.

Do you deliver products outside Singapore?

We are currently delivering our products in India and Singapore.

How can I get my order delivered faster?

All our orders are delivered within 4-5 business days. Presently, we do not have any service available to expedite delivery process. You can track your order in ‘My Orders’ section under your account.

Do I need a prescription to place an order?

If you are ordering power contact lenses, then YES! We require a prescription to place an order for all types of contact lenses for eye power.

What happens if my prescription changes?

No worries! If your eye prescription changes, you can update your prescription in our records before placing your new order for contact lenses. If you have already placed an order for incorrect prescription, you will be required to place a new order with the right prescription.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept online payment through Debit card and Credit Card.

How do I check the status of my order?

You can track your order via the below methods:-

1. Track your order using the tracking link shared on your registered mobile number via SMS

2. Check your order status via your registered email id. Search for ‘Aqualens’ in your mail inbox for order confirmation and tracking.

3. Login into your Aqualens account and check your order status under ‘My Orders’

If you still face any issue to check your order status, you can write us at 'Support@Lenskart.Sg' with Order ID and registered mobile number.

How do I cancel the order, I have placed?

Write to us with your Order ID and cancellation request on to cancel your placed order.

Is there any minimum order requirement?

There is no minimum order requirement for placing an order. You can buy a single pack or multiple products from us, we do not have any minimum and maximum capping for purchasing products.

Can I order lenses at COD (Cash on Delivery)?

We are sorry to say that we do not have COD service, as of now. You can purchase our product using Debit Card and Credit Card.

Where can I find my order number ?

Your order number will be sent to your via SMS as well as Email.

Where can I check my order history ?

You can go to ‘My Account’ section of Aqualens via Login to check all your order details.

Q. How does my subscription work ?

Create your account, and you can look forward to a regular stock of daily-wear contact lenses at your doorstep. New customers will receive an Aqualens Starter Kit to get them started while their prescriptions are verified. After that, you'll receive deliveries of 60 lenses as per your set frequencies. You can inform us if there are specific days that suit you, and we’ll tailor deliveries accordingly. Your card will be charged only when the restock lenses are shipped. If for any reason you need to cancel your subscription, you can do so at any time before we charge you. 

You can inform us if there are specific days that suit you, and we’ll tailor deliveries accordingly. Your card will be charged only when the restock lenses are shipped. If for any reason you need to cancel your subscription, you can do so at any time before we charge you.

Q. May I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you are in full control. You may cancel, pause or resume your subscription anytime by going to your user profile on Aqualens and changing it there.

Q. I don’t wear contact lenses every day. Can I get shipments less frequently?

Yes, you definitely can. Set up your subscription to begin with, and just let us know if you want your lenses every 30 or 60 days. It’s up to you.

Q. Does my subscription automatically renew?

Yes. Your subscription will automatically renew for a seamless contacts renewal subscription experience. Your lens supply will continue to be shipped until you cancel your subscription. With an annual plan, the yearly supply of your contacts will be shipped at once upon payment.

Where do you ship?

We are currently shipping our products all over Singapore.

How long does it take for you to deliver lenses?

We usually deliver our products within 4-5 days. However, the delivery period may be different in case of bulk orders.

What is the cost of shipping for each delivery?

None, it’s on us! We do not charge anything to our customers for delivery.

What is your return policy?

We provide a return, refund or exchange opportunity on your purchase through the website, in the event you are unhappy with your purchase, provided you meet the following conditions:

(a) The request for return, exchange or refund should be raised within 14 (fourteen) days of the receipt of the products from our website

(b) The price tag and any other identification tag, the invoice and the original packing must be intact and sent back

(c) The product should not have been used or should not have any dirt or scratches or tear or in short should not be rendered unsellable

(d) You need to mention your order number, the date of order and your date of receipt

(e) Ensure that the return package is appropriately sealed and sent to the Ccmpany as any damage in transit will continue to be your responsibility and this policy will cease to be applicable

(f) The company has a dedicated team which will check the returned products and their decision of your request will be final to accept or reject

The refund, return or exchange process will be initiated only after we have received the product/s in the condition as mentioned above.

As stated you could either get a refund of cash or exchange it for a voucher. If this is not applicable, you could exchange the purchase product for a different product of the same value or a higher value. No difference will be paid in case the exchange is made for a product of a lower value. The option will be communicated either via an e-mail provided by you to us or through a contact number which you have notified us. The Company is not responsible for any incorrect or mis-leading contact details. You will have a period of 7 (seven) days to confirm Your decision to us. In the event we do not receive any communication from You then your opportunity to obtain a refund, return or exchange will lapse.

Refunds are processed in 30 (thirty) working days but in case of payments by Cheque or Demand Draft, additional days may be required to dispatch and for the funds to be credited to your account.

Apart from these, in the case the original manufacturers/producer/reseller provide any specific warranty, then, those will be applicable subject to your compliance with the warranty terms mentioned therein. With respect to the warranty offered by the original manufacturer /producer/reseller, the company would not be responsible or liable for the same. Your claims will have to be raised with the original manufacturer /producer/reseller. If feasible, the Company may provide reasonable assistance in this regard.

This policy is only for customers in Singapore and we won’t be able to provide exchange, returns or refunds to our international customers due to prohibitive shipping costs.

Can I track my delivery with the order number?

You can't check delivery status via order number, but you can check your track delivery via clicking at tracking link shared by us at your registered mobile number.

What should be done if my order has not been delivered but the status is showing 'Delivered'?

There is an extremely slight possibility of this happening, but still if it does, then all you need to mail us at Support@Lenskart.Sg. We will update you from correct delivery status.

How do I create an account on Aqualens?

To create an account on Aqualens:
Click on ‘Register’ and enter your details
Verfiy your mobile number
That’s it
You can log on to your account!

How can I add money into My Wallet?

You may top-up your wallet by available online payment methods at the website.

Can I redeem wallet amount to Cash?

No. You cannot redeem the wallet money for cash. Please note that the wallet money is also not allowed to be transferred to bank, other wallets or other users accounts.

I have accumulated wallet balance in my account. How can I redeem them?

You can redeem your wallet balance by continuing shopping with us on M-site/Website. In case, you don’t have access to the Website or M-site, don’t worry, your wallet money is safe with us. You can redeem the same whenever you get access of these platforms in future (unless it has not expired).

Do I need to register to shop online?

You can either Register with your Mobile number before start shopping or you can select your favorite products and register with your mobile number during the checkout process.